Fatal error:

MySQL error in file /usr/local/www/virtual/newwatches/_lib/_framework/ORM.php at line 711 (function mysql_getcolumn):
Unknown column 'korpus_surface' in 'where clause'

SELECT models.id
FROM models
JOIN marks ON models.mark_id = marks.id
LEFT JOIN patterns ON models.pattern_id = patterns.id
JOIN ostatki_www AS ostatki ON models.id = ostatki.model_id WHERE ( color_general = "черный" AND 1C_rating > 0 AND color_clockface = "черный" AND patterns.gender="мужские" AND korpus_surface LIKE "%черн%" AND ostatki.status = 'YES' ) AND (marks.hidden = 0) 
LIMIT 0, 4

in /usr/local/www/virtual/newwatches/_lib/_framework/mysql-functions.php on line 44